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Improve Profitability of the Business

Sportsafe UK had built an impressive share of their market, working with over 10,000 customers and experiencing increased sales and potential regardless of the economic climate effecting so many business owners.

Looking at the business anyone would have difficulty identifying problems, they had plenty of customers, increasing interest and were developing a positive brand image.

However MD Jon Neill had been working hard to improve the profitability of the business, but even his long hours were not achieving the results he required as quickly as the business needed.

Jon’s team were tired and working in a culture which had negative impacts on performance, he wanted to restructure his team to empower them to feel more motivated and achieve better results, freeing Jon to work ‘on’ the business instead of ‘in’ it.


Improve Processes and New Procedures

Fluid Business Coaching involved Jon in an interactive environment of structured workshops and coaching sessions, helping him to begin thinking about the direction he wanted to steer his team and the business.

Jon began working on implementing many new procedures to make his processes more efficient, such as making his quoting process much faster which saved time and money while offering more benefits to his customers.

Sportsafe UK has begun exploring new markets, with growth being experienced in Scotland and overseas, this has further expanded their brand which has become affiliated with many well known organisations.


Significant Growth, Profitability and Team Processes

Sportsafe UK has experienced significant improvement with teams that now work in a very positive environment with focus and drive on their goals.

The business is experiencing further growth with increased profitability due to their strategic planning  and determination.

Jon is enjoying his freedom to expand the business without the need for him to be involved with the daily tasks which has helped him concentrate on the next level of success for Sportsafe UK.

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