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Gazelles International Coaches work with business leaders around the world, helping them successfully grow their companies focusing on the Gazelles Four Decisions framework. The four critical areas of people, strategy, execution, and cash, are based on business growth concepts by Verne Harnish and global thought leaders. Gazelles International tools help at mid-sized companies navigate transitions and challenges associated with rapid growth.

Fluid Business Coaching is the only Gazelles Certified Business Coaching Practice in the UK. Both Peter Boolkah & Andy Sleet join a mere 110 other coaches worldwide, who have earned certification status from Gazelles International.

Gazelles Certified Coaches Peter Boolkah & Andy Sleet

Gazelles Four Decisions of Scaling Up


As a business starts to scale up it is important to get your people in the right roles with the right responsibilities. By creating KPIs specific people are accountable for specific areas of the business. This is vital so that they can drive the business forward.

Initially, your coach will look at at your organisational structure to work out what the business needs. As a business starts to scale up the leadership and management team themselves need to grow. Working on educating the business owner and their team to make sure they become the leaders they need to become in order for the business to grow at a rapid rate. If you had the option, would you re-employ everyone on your team?

Listen to Peter Boolkah discuss People on the Fluid Business Podcast:


Make sure your company has a 3-5 year plan because you need to know where you are going. It’s important to have a longer-term overview of some key things, for example; what your turnover is going to be, how much profit you plan to make, the markets you want to be in.

Our coaches help you to work out where you want to be in 5 years, and then work it backwards. As a business it is necessary to know what your core values are, and your core purpose. What is the business’ reason to being? Using the Gazelles One Page Strategic Plan gives you a clearer picture of where you are heading.

Listen to Peter discuss Strategy on the Fluid Business Podcast:


Execution challenges surface when your increasing revenues are not generating increasing profits. Many firms triple their revenue, because they have capitalised on a differential advantage, only to see their profitability drop because of the sloppiness of their execution. Also, when execution is sloppy the business has to rely on the ‘heroes’ of the team to save the day and keep the wheels from falling off.

Yet, by improving your execution habits you can dramatically improve your margins and profitability while at the same time reducing the time it takes get the job done.

Listen to Peter discuss Execution on the Fluid Business Podcast:


Cash is the oxygen that fuels growth. But what many business owners don’t realise is that you can grow at such a rate that you run out of cash. As such, it is typical for businesses that scale up very quickly to ‘grow broke’. Gazelles uses many great tools, one example is the Cash Conversion Cycle. This measures the number of days from when you start your sales process to when you receive the cash in the bank.

By working with a Gazelles Coach business owners can dramatically improve their Cash Conversion Cycle giving sufficient cash to fuel their growth.

Listen to Peter discuss Cash on the Fluid Business Podcast:

What’s next?

Looking to scale your business with world-renowned coaches? Perhaps you are already in the process of scaling your business and want to use the 4 decision framework. Get in contact with us below by either booking a free clarity call or connecting directly with Gazelles Certified coaches Peter Boolkah & Andy Sleet.

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